Saturday, July 30, 2011

Knowledge Is Not the Problem

Obedience from a heart of love to God who graciously saves us is our goal as Christians. We cannot obtain that goal without knowledge. How can we be obedient without knowing what’s expected? How can we fully love when we do not really know God and do not know what He calls love? How can we understand grace to pass it to others without learning? How can we maintain a heart ready to follow the Holy Spirit if we don’t know the standard by which to test Spirits? Without knowledge, our walk in Christ with God is sorely hampered.

We have all heard the sermon illustration of the flood victim held hostage by the water upon his roof. Three times, he is offered a way off the roof and all three times he eschews the salvation to await salvation from God. After drowning, he asks God, “Why didn’t you rescue me?” God replies that He sent salvation three times and it was rejected. So it is in living the Christian life.

God sends us methods by which we can know Him. Creation, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible are three. Why would we reject them? Why would we ignore knowledge that can firstly lead to salvation, secondly test that salvation, and thirdly can increase the reward of that salvation? Why would we deliberately stunt our growth? Why would we jeopardize all three methods by not listening to what God has said clearly in His Word? That’s exactly what we do when we reject knowledge, theology, and doctrine because we openly reject the Word, have no perspective for understanding creation, and cannot test the spirits to recognize the Holy Spirit.

In the same way that a glutton does not turn to starvation, a liar does not embrace silence, and the proud do not practice self abasement, ignorance is not to be embraced to avoid pride, arrogance, and legalism.

Knowledge is not the sin.

Knowledge is not the problem.

Knowledge is not what needs to be avoided.

Furthermore, a sham understanding of Truth in which we pridefully employ out of context scripture and a mindless read through of the entire scripture to say we know God is not adequate. We must employ more honesty in examining ourselves and the standard to which God has called us.

That’s what I want to explore.

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